You are Meant for Mind blowing Love!

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"your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


"I'm not _____ enough" (insert good, skinny, pretty, smart etc.) 

"I MUST be in a relationship it's the only way I can feel love because I can't feel it for myself"

"I'm SO afraid I'm going to end up ALONE!"

"ALL my friends are partnered! I'm the only one left who is single!"

"Finding the perfect guy/girl for me is unrealistic, I have to settle for good enough"

"Every date I have I keep hoping they are 'THE ONE' and I continue to be disappointed and feeling desperate'

that all your previous relationships
are just ugly reminders that you may never find
that incredible soulmate connection you so deeply desire. that your nasty inner voice is always throwing things at you like. . .

I want you to know I see you. I hear you. I recognize that you believe you will never find authentic lasting love . . .

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You are a unique, non-repeatable, one of a kind soul having a human experience. And as a soul, you have the incredible power of the Universe (Source, God) supporting you at all times! You did not arrive to this life empty handed or left alone to figure it all out for yourself. You have soul guidance and help every step of the way.

If you wish someone would just take you by the hand and teach you HOW to connect to your soul self, develop your intuitive awareness, help you let go of your "unworthiness" story, and help you begin to MANIFEST that Soulmate Love you truly desire, well your wish has been granted! Helping women reclaim the truth of who they are at soul level and showing them what's possible for their love life is what I'm ALL ABOUT!

you are meant to have an amazing life full of love and joy!

you are an aspect of the divine creator

To realize your connection to ALL THAT IS.. To stand in full authenticity in order to attract your perfect person!

week #7

To heal the pain of your past inner wounds that are running your life through subconscious patterns.

week #6

To fully trust and rely on your inner guidance and intuitive awareness so you know WHEN to take that inspired action that will put you in the right time and place to meet your ONE!.

week #5

To learn to attract and manifest your BIG LOVE! To KNOW that you truly can be, do or have ANYTHING! Including your IDEAL PARTNER!

week #3

To FINALLY ditch the "comparison-itis" and embrace your worth. To learn how to flip the script on your false beliefs and start telling a new story of self love,

week #2

To learn how to work with the flow of energy within and around you to cultivate conscious connection to yourself and your relationship.

 week #1

Let's Create a New Vision
for Your Love Life!

imagine how it will feel:

one weekly teaching call with the last call of
the month for Q&A and integration

awaken to your divine self and answer the call of your soul's true love

I've created a group version of my signature one on one program Single2Soulmate in order to help more people open up and develop a deep meaningful relationship with their soul self. It's time to embrace conscious living so that you can finally step away from the lies you've been telling yourself about not being enough, in order to manifest your one of a kind love story!

single2soulmate an 8 week group program to get you on the path to manifesting true love.

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perfect for women who are...

Ready to let go of negative self-worth and truly embody unconditional self-love

Curious about spiritual living and want to open up their intuitive gifts and connection to their soul

Struggling with old patterns and beliefs keeping them attracting partners from their woundedness

Want to learn how to step into soul alignment and full embrace their power as conscious creators and manifest intentionally

Introducing. . .

Single2Soulmate includes all the tools and resources you need to begin connecting with your soul guidance and start you on your path to living life as the divine eternal being you are in order to manifest the ONE!

I've put everything in one place to really support you as you learn and grow. I'll also be sharing how I went from being in a place of guilt, shame and utter hopelessness, to living an awakened soul-led life and manifested my own Soulmate love, and how I've helped my clients do the same.

These sessions are meant to bring you clarity and help you on your spiritual growth journey. I will create and hold a safe space for you to explore as you open up to new possibilities for your life. I will also help you set goals and assist you with taking actionable steps toward manifesting the love you deserve.

each week we will have a one on one 60 minute call via zoom, where i can help you transform your false beliefs and mindset around self worth and your inner wounds

Single 2 Soulmate Group Coaching Program

We all need support along the way. This group is a completely private, safe place where you can share what's on your mind, what you may be finding challenging, or where you feel that you need additional guidance throughout the week. 

you will have access to a private facebook group. here you can post questions, share wins, or simply find encouragement and motivation along the way

Transcendence -a 90 Day Journey to Soul Discovery

In addition to the weekly modules, there is also an extensive library of meditations and practical exercises thst you will be given along the way.. These will assist you in transforming your limiting thoughts and beliefs, opening you up to manifesting intentionally rather than by default, and connecting to your inner soul wisdom. 

this 2 month journey includes eight weekly learning modules of life changing content that are designed to give you the step by step guidance you've been longing for

Transcendence -a 90 Day Journey to Soul Discovery

I am 100% committed to assisting you on your journey! It is of utmost importance to me that we connect regularly throughout our time together so that you feel completely supported. Whether it's for accountability purposes, or to simply to celebrate a win, I want you to know you that I am here for YOU!

In addition to our weekly sessions, you will also have direct email and voxer access to me for any questions or concerns that may surface in between calls

Single 2 Soulmate Group Coaching Progrm

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