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hello beautiful soul!

Let me tell you, I know what it's like to grow up feeling unworthy, not "good enough", and eternally comparing yourself to others. I never knew what it felt like to just be OK with being me. . .because I literally hated ME. The concept of self-love was something I couldn't even wrap my brain around. I longed to be prettier, thinner, smarter, anything "other" than myself. Holding onto to a standard of perfection I felt I needed to attain in order to have value or be deserving of love. I had a deep painful wound in the very core of my soul; one that told me no matter what I did, I wasn't "enough". Desperately I tried to 'band-aid' this wound by engaging in self-destructive behaviors. I developed an eating disorder, bounced around in multiple unhealthy co-dependent relationships and abused my body in so many ways it's a miracle I'm still here! I was experiencing a true 'dark night of the soul' as my life was in shambles. unsure of why I was so very 'BROKEN'.



 my personal journey


Living with shame and guilt affected every aspect of my life. Especially my relationships. I remember the man I was madly in love with at the time (who would later become my husband) saying something to me I'll never forget. He said, "how can I love you if you don't even love yourself?" It was like getting slapped in the face. That was my wake up call. He was absolutely right! Besides, when I thought about it, I realized I was just SO very tired of my self-loathing and self judgement. I wanted to experience just ONCE what it was like to actually feel good in my own skin! To KNOW I had a reason for being here, to be HAPPY being me, and ultimately to discover how to truly love MYSELF. The only problem was, I had no idea how I was going to make that happen!

The answer came one morning while writing in my journal, I had an encounter that completely changed my life. Suddenly, something in me shifted, and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace settle over me, as a voice began speaking directly to my heart. There is no way to explain how, but I just instinctively KNEW I was surrounded by an Angelic presence. The voice spoke of boundless infinite love, compassion and grace. It told me of how I was loved beyond measure; beyond my human mind's comprehension. It spoke of how we are ALL ONE, all parts of a whole, infinite Intelligence composed of nothing but love. How in spite of my perceived struggles and challenges that ALL IS WELL! I knew in that instant that I had received an incredible gift from the Universe and I would never be the same!


my big why

After this powerful experience, my life literally became unrecognizable. Not only did I discover that my intuitive gifts were unfolding, but I was finally healing my wound of unworthiness! I learned that the beliefs I had around not being "good enough" were only causing me pain because I had been choosing to believe them. I discovered by changing those beliefs, that I could actually change my life and begin attracting what I desired! This profound awareness brought with it not only the realization of my own true value and worth, but FINALLY allowed me to be MYSELF in my relationship! I didn't have to let my relationships define me. I didn't NEED a romantic partner to make me feel loved because I WAS loved. Period. Full stop.

This realization and healing brought with it an inner awareness that I was meant to share this amazing truth with others. I deeply believe it is my purpose to share this wisdom from my soul in order to uplift other women, who much like I was, are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, desperate and 'broken' in their search for soulmate love.

Today I coach people all over the world and help them shift out of false limiting beliefs, reclaim their true worth, and break free from the comparison trap of 'not enough-ness'. I empower them to be able to release their 'stories' around it being OK to just be who they truly are. I help them connect to their own inner soul wisdom, develop their intuitive gifts, and begin attracting the soul-aligned love they long for! By incorporating proven manifestation processes and accessing their higher guidance, they become a literal MAGNET to their perfect person!

 I want to help you uncover all this and MORE for yourself! You DESERVE to have an incredible soul aligned relationship not only with your partner but with YOURSELF! You are SO worth it!

I'm literally OBSESSED with the color PINK! 
I seriously have to reign it in to prevent my husband from feeling like he lives in Barbie's Dream House!

I'm all about girly things 

I have a slight obsession for collecting tarot and oracle cards! I absolutely love the imagery and art work and find they are super helpful in clarifying the guidance I receive. I use them daily for myself and others!

I'm crazy for tarot cards

I'm a DIE HARD University of Alabama Crimson Tide Football FAN-ATIC! I literally go into withdrawal when football season is over. 18 National Championships and counting!! Whoop Whoop!!

we #rolltide at my house!

Even as a little girl I was perpetually reading everything I could about 'ghosts' and the afterlife. I would go every weekend to the library with my dad and check out every single book I could find on spirits and 'ghosts' then be terrified hiding under my covers at night!

i've always been drawn to spirit

I'm a mom to two amazing boys who both are on the Autism spectrum. Although certainly challenging (sometimes downright rough) at times, they are both amazing humans who have taught me what it means to love with the depth of my entire being.

i'm an autism mom

fun facts about me

It is my practice to always connect with Spirit (Source Energy) before all sessions to gain insight as to how to best serve you. I also utilize practical techniques to help shift you out of limiting beliefs such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis including past life/between lives regression if healing is needed. I incorporate spiritual practices such as energy clearing in the Akashic Records to release blocks as well as channeling Spirit's guidance in order to bring you clarity, connect you to your own higher wisdom, and empower you to embrace the beautiful soul you are.

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