No you are not cursed in love! The REAL reason you attract the wrong partners

Have you ever felt destined to repeat the same destructive relationship patterns over and over? Do you look back and wonder how you keep attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable, unfaithful, or even abusive?

If so, it’s time to stop believing you’re somehow cursed in love. The truth is, you are not cursed – you are simply acting out subconscious beliefs and thoughts that shape your reality.

I know how disheartening it is to realize your relationships reflect the same hurtful themes. I’ve been there myself. I used to think love just wasn’t meant for me. But through deep introspection, I uncovered the root cause of why I attracted the wrong people.

The core issue was my lack of self-worth. Though I didn’t consciously feel “not good enough,” my inner critic believed otherwise. This manifested as partners who chipped away at my self-esteem or took advantage of me.

Maybe you recognize parts of yourself in my story. If you have a nagging inner voice telling you that you’re undeserving or will never find lasting love, this will inevitably play out in your relationships. Like attracts like – self-judgement pulls in those who judge you.

The good news? None of us are cursed. We all have the power to raise our vibration, shift deep-seated beliefs, and recreate our reality. With commitment to personal growth, we can manifest the healthy, supportive partnership we yearn for.

So how do we rewrite our story? By showing ourselves unconditional compassion and reprogramming our thoughts. Here are 3 powerful mindset shifts for breaking the cycle of unhealthy love:

  1. Release limiting beliefs through daily affirmations. Look in the mirror and say aloud “I am worthy of respect, care, and devotion.” Repeat this message until you feel it seep into your spirit.
  2. Bring awareness to negative self-talk and challenge it. When your inner critic says “I always choose the wrong person,” talk back with “I am learning, healing, and making more conscious relationship decisions.”
  3. Visualize your ideal partnership. Spend time each morning imagining how you want to feel with your soulmate. Envision loving energy filling your heart.

The partner you’ve been waiting for has been waiting for you too. Commit to uplifting yourself daily and you will magnetize a relationship beyond your wildest dreams!

You are not cursed, my friend. You are a conscious creator ready to manifest true, lasting love.

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