Why Do We Have Desires?

I’m quite sure you are well aware of the idea that there is a big distinction between wants vs needs.  A need is something mandatory for our survival. So things such as food, water, or protection from the environment are all needs. 

Wanting (aka desiring) on the other hand, is when we think or feel that having that item or experience in some way shape or form will make us happy or complete. That the having of that thing;  be it a relationship, money, bigger car, better job, perfect body etc etc. will give us fulfillment and satiate that urge within us. The longing for it. The wanting of it. Once we get it , we believe having it will fulfill the desire within us.


Desires are placed in our heart for a reason. But I bet it’s not the reason you think it is!

You see, I had a huge epiphany this morning. I have known all along that our desires were meant for us. That The Universe, Source, God, Infinite Intelligence places those desires in our heart because they were meant for us. I KNEW THAT. I BELIEVED IT. I SHARED that awareness with everyone. Your desires are MEANT FOR YOU! We are meant to be abundant. We are meant to find mind blowing soul mate love. We are meant to live in prosperity. It is our BIRTHRIGHT! YES! All of this IS TRUE!

However. . .

The realization that dawned on me this morning (thanks to the Divine Spirit), was that God, Source, The Universe, doesn’t just give us the desire so we can have THINGS. God places the desire in our heart so that we can ultimately come to understand that not only do we create our reality BECAUSE we are part of that God Source energy, but that God puts the desire in our hearts so that we come to the inevitable conclusion that having the thing we desire ultimately is NOT WHAT FULFILLS THE WANTING. 

Think about it. You get something new and exciting. And after a few weeks the newness wears off and it isn’t so exciting any more. We have the new relationship and it feels so good! We’re in the honeymoon phase and everything is roses, but then after about a year or so all those ooey gooey feel good feels wear off when we begin to realize the person of our love and affection isn’t the perfect amazing person we thought they were. We realize they have flaws and faults etc. THEY DON’T FULFILL THE LONGING FOR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. They can’t provide us with the ever present ongoing unconditional love that truly satisfies our soul. A human being couldn’t possibly fulfill that. They aren’t perfect. They are human just like you. They are incapable of giving you perfect unconditional love all the time. They have egos. And conditioned patterns etc. They can give you love. They can even give you glimpses of unconditional love. But not the  DIVINE PERFECT LOVE that satiates the SOUL. 

The longing. The desire to have more. The desire to have ANYTHING, IS THE DESIRE FOR GOD.

God gave us desire so that we would realize that what we are ultimately seeking is oneness with Source. That IS what LOVE IS after all! Love is the recognition of ONENESS. It is the connection to Source we all have but we forgot when we came here to this plane of existence in order to have this human experience. 

We ARE God. We ARE Source. We are ONE with that LOVE. GOD IS LOVE. GOD is the ultimate perfect source of LOVE. 

AND THAT IS WHY WE HAVE DESIRE! We are seeking to return to love. Our soul knows that. We just don’t know it. We are stuck in conditioning and patterns and programming that makes us believe we are separate. That we aren’t enough, that we don’t deserve.

But the TRUTH is, we are already inherently deserving and worthy. WHY? Because we ARE THE UNIVERSE. We ARE God. We are ONE with all that is. We just forgot that. 

And once we are given the true realization that we already ARE ONE WITH GOD, we no longer have the constant craving for more things. WE can fully rest back and enjoy the birthright of complete and total abundance because we ARE the Divine individual aspects of God. Nothing is withheld from us. The wealth, the health, the incredible love story. . .we can have it all. Then we desire things sheerly for the art of creation.

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