When Ignoring Your Intuition Breaks Your Heart

Fess up. I know this has happened to you. It’s happened to me more times than I care to remember. Ignoring that still small voice inside that says, “he’s not the one”. Or perhaps it says, “he’s cheating” and you stay anyway only to wind up being devastated time and time again.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to my intuition when it came to relationships. I was more wrapped up in my belief that I was too ‘undesirable’ so I had better take whatever attention I could get from a guy. That unworthiness wound I held in my heart ran pretty deep. Caused me to tolerate a LOT of unacceptable behavior from men. (But that’s a whole different story!)

As a matter of fact, because I was SO convinced that it was better to have someone, ANYONE love me, I often ignored the little quiet whisper of my soul. That little voice that was always there guiding and directing me.

So what happened? Naturally I had my heart broken into a million pieces over and over again. I would get this gut feeling, this ‘knowing’ that a certain guy wasn’t right for me. Then I would ignore it, fall in love, and be heartbroken when he left me, or cheated on me, or deceived me. . .name the transgression and I bet I’ve experienced it.

Why? Because I didn’t listen.

The thing is, we ALL have that connection to the guidance of our own soul. In fact we have a whole TEAM of unseen helpers in Spirit in the form of angels, guides, star family, ancestors, ascended masters. . .I could go on and on.

The point is. . .we have HELP.

We have guidance from the other side who just so happen to have a broader view of our life than we do at any given moment. We just get so wrapped up in our day to day dramas that we loose sight of our nose in spite of our face sometimes.

But that’s OK. We’re all on our own unique journey of learning and remembering who we are as spiritual beings. And sometimes we have to experience pain and heartbreak in order to learn something about ourselves. Like how to trust our intuition.

But allow me to let you in on a little secret. . .

We don’t have to experience QUITE so much pain and suffering. We kinda do it to ourselves.

You see, I got married the first time around for ALL the wrong reasons. To please my parents. To just ‘have’ someone. Because I ‘wanted’ to be married (didn’t matter to whom). And the first person who came along who was willing to take me, I jumped right in.

Never mind the fact that I wasn’t attracted to him. Or that I didn’t really LOVE him. None of that mattered. I was way too wrapped up in living life to please everyone else around me. Besides, I spent most of my days trying to soothe that inner wound of unworthiness that continued to remind me that ‘Mr. Good Enough’ was better than being single. So I got married to someone I didn’t love.

As I look back on that relationship, I have clear recollection of how my intuition was practically SCREAMING at me to stop. To not do that. To get out. He is NOT the one. But I didn’t listen. I wanted to be married. I wanted someone to love me. After all I didn’t love myself. And being married meant that I was worthy of being loved. At least that’s what I believed. So this was better than nothing!


After the initial wedding excitement and fun of planning wore off, I found myself sitting at home married to someone who I viewed more as a roommate than a husband. It was then that it hit me.

I had made a HUGE mistake. Like the biggest kind of mistake. I had just given away all my power to other people for the sake of an ideal. And I was stuck.

Yeah I could have gotten an annulment, but that would have meant disappointing my parents who had just dumped a butt load of cash into my ultra formal high end wedding. I couldn’t bear to face the consequences of THAT conversation.

So I stayed.

I stayed for TEN LONG YEARS.

I forced myself to go against everything inside that was telling me that this was all wrong. I lied to myself saying, “it’s not that bad”. “It could be worse”. “At least he makes you laugh, that’s enough”.

But it wasn’t enough. Not really.

So why am I telling you this story? I’m telling you because situations like this are what happen when you ignore your inner wisdom.

We all come equipped with gps. Like an inner spiritual map to what is for our best and highest good in life. And that is intuition. It’s our connection to the Divine Spirit within us all. The voice of our soul and spirit guidance. It’s there to help us every step of the way. And when we ignore it, we usually end up on a path that causes unnecessary suffering in one way or another.

So what happened in my story? Well. . .to be honest, the voice of my soul kept getting louder and louder until I couldn’t avoid it anymore. The voice spoke of dreams. Of what I really desired. Of how I wasn’t being true to myself. Of how I deserved to be truly happy in a relationship.

So I started to listen.

Although it was extremely difficult for me, I eventually left that marriage. Was it pretty? Hell no. Did people get hurt? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YES. Did I feel guilty? Absolutely. But underneath all of that, there was the small quiet whisper of my soul telling me that I would be OK. That this was the right thing to do. That I would survive. That my family would be fine. That the pain I caused to so many people I loved would eventually go away. And I took comfort in that.

So what’s the lesson here.

Ignoring your intuition can most definitely cause heartbreak. I know because this wasn’t the only example from my life. This was just the one that had the biggest impact.

We have guidance for a REASON. . .to GUIDE US!

We weren’t dropped off on this rock alone without any help. And although you may think that you’re here living life all by your lonesome, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You have a soul! And your soul wants to help lead you to your desires. As a matter of fact manifesting your desires REQUIRES you listen to your soul. That’s how you take inspired action after all!

And I promise, if you lean in and listen. You will hear it speak. It will be a whisper at first. But the more you begin to trust and act on it’s guidance, the louder and clearer it becomes.

And doing that, is going to save you a LOT of heartbreak.

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