Embodying The Vibration Of Love

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LOVE is a vibe.

Energy is literally EVERYTHING. And Love is an energy.

Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction due to the huge popularity of The Secret along with a vast array of content creators and coaches on social media talking all things manifestation. And the two BIG things everyone wants to manifest. . .MONEY and RELATIONSHIPS. Believe it or not. . .it’s actually MUCH easier to manifest money and material things than it is to manifest your perfect partner.

So why is that?

Well for starters, you have to BECOME a vibrational match to what it is you desire to attract in your life. And it’s much easier to believe that money is coming and requires much less effort to create a shift in mindset.

When it comes to relationships on the other hand, you hold a TON of baggage in your vibrational energy. Past breakups, unrequited love, stories you learned about sex and sexuality, beliefs you adopted from your parents etc. Beliefs that typically tell you on a regular basis that you have to be a certain way, or do certain things to be worthy and valuable.

The biggest problem is that the beliefs you hold are typically stuck way deep down in your subconscious. Some you may be aware of, some you just may be playing out without even knowing it. You are programmed essentially. And that program typically isn’t very helpful because it is full of misinterpretations and false information.

All this patterning and programming, along with your thoughts, as well as how you feel about yourself, all contribute to the vibration you are emitting out to the universe.

Like attracts like.

So you can see the problem.

I hear all kinds of people talking about how they ALWAYS end up dating people who cheat, or lie, or are emotionally unavailable, or won’t commit. I hate to break it to you. . . but the common denominator in that situation is Y-O-U.

YOU are the one attracting those types of people to you.

All those beliefs you hold around not being enough. Or being unworthy of love. Feeling like you don’t measure up somehow. All that stuff stuck in your subconscious is what is getting in the way of you attracting that one of a kind love story for yourself.

So what’s a girl/guy to do?

Essentially you need to heal your wounds. We all got em. The wound that says we have to be or do in order to be good enough.

It takes a good amount introspection and sometimes even seeking the help of a qualified coach or therapist who practices hypnotherapy like myself.

The reason why you might need help with this, is the fact that in the majority of cases your inner wound was well established prior to age seven! At that age you were very self-centric. Everything was about YOU. So perhaps you witnessed your parents arguing over something and although you had no idea what the fight was about, you automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s about you. You have no capacity to reason or to have abstract thought, so naturally you start to establish beliefs that you are bad.

It’s these very beliefs about your value that you then carry on into adulthood.

And thoughts become THINGS.

Those deep seated beliefs now are running the show. They are what makes up the vibration you are emitting out to the Universe saying “I’m not enough”. And the Universe doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t read into the fact that you really WANT to find your soulmate, it only responds to the vibration you are putting out into the field of potential.

And this my friend is why you have a pattern of attracting the same situations in your dating life.

But all is not lost!

You absolutely CAN learn to start embodying the vibration of love. And you need to start with yourself.

Healing is a journey. It isn’t something that happens overnight.

So how do you go about embodying the vibration of love in order to attract love? Start with forgiveness. Forgive your parents, they were most likely doing the best they could with their own wounds. Do the inner child work. Love that little boy or girl inside. Focus on cultivating real love for yourself.

I always encourage my clients to start connecting with and developing a relationship with their Higher Self and inner guidance. You are infinitely loved by the creator and your higher self/soul is part of that Source of unconditional love. Tap into that wellspring.

And above all else, start repeating the mantra, “I am ENOUGH”

Because you are.

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