Soulmate Wanted!

So we all know that “manifesting” is a HUGE buzz word these days. Everyone from Lebron James NBA star to Dave Grohl lead singer of the Foo Fighters (LOVE them by the way!) has mentioned intentionally working to manifest things in their life.

But how does it really work when it comes to relationships? Is it possible to manifest your ideal partner?

I wholeheartedly say YES!

The issue is, most people have come to believe that there is no such thing as “everything you’ve ever wanted” in a person. Society tells us to ‘settle’ for good enough and that no one is perfect. While it’s true, no one IS perfect (we are all human after all), however, I fully believe that the Universe is completely capable of delivering to us that ideal person we’ve been longing for. That soulmate relationship. The one that feels like home from the very moment you meet them.

Why do I believe this to be true? Because I’ve manifested mine!

What most don’t realize, is that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working! Always. Without fail.

Ask most people what they desire in the perfect mate and more often than not they will say things like, “I don’t want someone who will cheat on me” or, “I don’t want someone who would rather spend time watching sports than do things with me”.

When you start out looking to manifest your true love and begin with all the things you DON’T want you are literally pushing against everything that you DO want!

So what should you be doing to call in that perfect person?

Give yourself carte blanche to daydream a little. Make a list. If you could have ANYTHING in the world when it came to that perfect guy/girl what would it be? What would you do together? How would it feel to be with them? What would your wedding day look like?

Honestly when I did this, my soulmate walked into my life two months later. He was literally EVERY SINGLE THING I had written on my list PLUS things I hadn’t even thought of before! (I actually even referred to him as ‘my list’ for a couple years LOL) And I can honestly tell you, I knew from the very first kiss that he was my ‘ONE’. It was as if my soul breathed a huge sigh of relief as if to say, “Oh THERE you are!!!” And 14 years later, I’m happy to report that we are blissfully happily married. Our relationship is so harmonious. We have nearly everything in common. We are so perfectly suited for one another it was like we were created just for the other person. It really blows my mind sometimes.

I’m sharing all of this with you for one simple reason. To let you know that the Universe WANTS to give you what you desire! I firmly believe that our desires are placed in our heart by our own soul because they are MEANT for us!

So every time you tell yourself things like, “the good ones are all taken”, you are actually reinforcing that to the Universe and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

We don’t attract simply what we want. . .we attract what we ARE. What we believe deep down inside.

So that’s the crux of it. You have to believe that person is out there. You have to know what you want. And you have to stop telling yourself it isn’t possible.

Work on those things and I bet you’ll be surprised by who shows up in your life!

Happy Manifesting!

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