So what’s the deal with intuition anyway?

Well. . . let me just start with this. We are ALL beings of light!

We come from Source. That Infinite Intelligence, Creator, the God force. Whatever you call your Higher Power. We are part of that.

Now that may come across as blasphemous to some, but that is the ego talking. We are a tiny spark of that creative force energy. This is what is meant when you hear the phrase “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

At our core, our very nature is that of Spirit. Of soul. Of energy. It’s who we ARE!

And because we are Spirit, we have connection to Spirit. To all that is. To the collective consciousness of every being living or deceased in this realm or in the other dimensional realms of existence.

Now stay with me for a moment. . .

We are all connected. We all exist in this energy field called consciousness. And because we exist in this field of oneness, we have access energetically to not only the thoughts of the entire collective, but the past, present, and future. Everything exists simultaneously. So even the term “past life” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more like PARALLEL lives. (wrap your brain around that one!) We exist on more than one timeline at any given moment! Time as we sense it is linear. But in actuality time does not exist. Everything is happening NOW.

This is important to understand when we begin to talk about listening to our intuition. Intuition is the voice of your soul. It is the inner knowing we receive in our bodies, thoughts, and mind’s eye from Source, our guides and even our future self. (Yes that’s a thing!) It’s our inner spiritual GPS system if you will.

We did not incarnate into this 3D reality without a road map. We came with our connection to our soul and to Source. We have guidance to help us on our journey. This is our Intuition!

We are ALL “PSYCHIC”. You don’t have to be “born psychic” you simply ARE! It’s part of your innate essence. You are SPIRIT!

Have you ever just “known” who was calling before you ever picked up the phone? Or have you just been daydreaming and thinking about someone and then poof they called you right then? THAT’S your intuition!

Because we are all connected, our thoughts and feelings tap into that field allowing us to obtain information through our spiritual senses. These are what people refer to as the “clairs”.

There are 5 Clair Senses:

Clairvoyance: the ability to “see” clearly often associated with visions and lucid dreaming.

Clairaudience: the ability to “hear” clearly. Hearing the voice of a deceased loved one or of your spirit guides in your head (will most often sound just like your own thoughts so it’s difficult to differentiate until you get accustomed to working with it)

Clairsentience: meaning clear “sense” or touch. This is feeling sensation in your body. Often what people refer to as their “gut” instinct because they feel it in their solar plexus chakra.

Claircognizance: or clear “knowing”. This is just simply having information dropped into your mind without any prior knowledge. You just KNOW something.

There is also Clairgustance which is tasting something not there like strawberries. And Clairalience which is clear smell like smelling your deceased grandmothers favorite perfume out of the blue. But because these are less often used, I won’t be discussing them in great detail.

These “clairs” all wrapped into one are what most people have commonly referred to as the “6th sense” (and NO not the movie! LOL)

We all have these spiritual senses and can learn to use and trust them through PRACTICE! By practicing tuning into our clairs and then trusting what we are receiving, they actually become stronger. Just like going to the gym to work out and strengthen our muscles. They get stronger over time.

So how do we begin to access and trust our intuition? Stay tuned!! More to come in the next post in this series!

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