The Art of Letting Go

What are you holding onto?

Emotional Pain? Shame? Grief? Unworthiness?

All of these things inhibit our ability to live as the fully divine spiritual beings we are. By holding onto the wounds of our past we deny ourselves the joy and freedom that are our birthright as aspects of the Divine.

So I ask you a question. . .are you done SUFFERING?

I was asked this very same question by one of my mentors and it really hit home for me. Was I done? It seemed like a simple answer. Of course I was! But yet I was continually plagued by deep seated beliefs that I was unworthy. Even unworthy of receiving healing for my unworthiness.

We all have wounds. We all have internalized beliefs in one way or another that we aren’t enough. that we are separate from God, Source, The Universe.

And it’s all a LIE!

This perceived separation keeps us in fear. It keeps us wrapped up in our beliefs and pain. It causes suffering.

So how do we get past this?

Well personally I had tried everything. Therapy, affirmations, subliminal programming, journaling, books, energy work, you name it I tried it. And none of it seemed to provide me with the lasting relief I was seeking. I’d feel great for a few days or weeks and then sure enough, that doubt would start creeping back in. I couldn’t escape it.

I had to be done. Done suffering. Then I had to surrender.

I had to surrender to the grace that is given to all of us by Spirit. I had to truly be willing to let go. In spite of the fact that I wan’t sure I could even believe that I deserved healing, I had to let go and give it over to the Universe.

And you know what????

I was healed in an INSTANT. Spirit came in cleaned all the BS beliefs from my heart and mind and healed my wound with the love and light of Divine grace.

It’s that simple. Let it go and surrender.

Why it took me nearly 30 years to do that I have no idea. (well I do know but we won’t go there right now LOL)

You are a Divine aspect of the Creator. You are part of Spirit. You are Divine. You are deserving. You are MORE than worthy.

Embrace that. Embody it. Know it to be true.

Spirit wants you to heal. Give your burdens over and be healed. Surrender.

Your life of freedom, joy and bliss is waiting for you.

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