Are you a Lightworker?

If you’re reading this you probably are!

Some indications that you might be a lightworker are:

*You are often referred to as ‘sensitive’ or ’emotional’ (maybe even a pushover)

*You feel different, fidn it hard to sense where you belong, or wonder if you are from another planet

*You sometimes think you might be crazy because you tend to think very differently to those around you, and you wonder why you can’t be ‘normal’ like everyone else

*You get a sense of knowing or strong feeling impressions about people or situations for no apparent reason

Sometimes you have a feeling or impression that fills you with emotion or an inner knowing you have a hard time translating into words

*Your moods seem to be affected by stronger forces than just your day to day experiences (such as natural disasters in the news, or spending time around people who are depressed or angry)

*You experience headaches, flu like symptoms, hot flashes, increased sensitivity to light or sound or television, with no apparent physical reason for that experience. these symptoms may come and go unpredictably

*Sometimes you don’t speak your truth because you know it will upset people and you prefer to keep the peace (but eventually you find you have to speak up anyway)

*You become emotionally uplifted when in nature, hearing beautiful music, or seeing something beautiful in an art gallery

These are just some of the indicators that you could be a lightworker, an old soul, a healer or spiritual leader for our planet.

Lightwork is a form of spiritual healing that specifically targets personal and planetary evolution. Lightwork is based on invocation, -calling upon high -level spiritual beings to connect with you and, through the universal law of resonance and vibration, help you raise your own energetic vibration. Vibration effects not only you-it can elevate others, inspire them, heal them. Vibration is our energetic input. When we are responding to anther person’s vibrations they may lift us up or pull us down. When they respond to ours, we can do the same. When we resonate with higher level beings, we are raising our vibration and helping others do the same, thus raising the vibration of the whole planet. (Alana Fairchild-Lightworker Oracle p.14,18)

There are lightworkers incarnated on this planet in all sorts of places with a myriad of occupations. Just because one is a lightworker does not necessarily mean that they have to hold the world stage. We can be anchoring in higher vibrations and more light onto the planet by simply going about our daily lives shining the light and love of Source into our families, friends and coworkers. ALL lighworkers are needed and necessary!

We are in a time of great awakening and evolution on this planet as we are moving through the shift into 5D consciousness and going through the ascension process. So we are in a crucial point in the history and evolution of the planet. Lightworkers are needed to wake up to who they are and to their individual unique missions in order to bring more light and elevate the frequency.

Now is the time sweet friends! Step into your LIGHT!!!

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