Trust and Allow

Greetings to you on this day of your time. We bring forth a message of joy and peace. Today we wish to speak about trust. Trusting in not only yourself but in the Divine, the Creator, Source. All is well.

Everything that is happening is happening FOR you not TO you. Feel this in your heart. Your soul knows this to be true. Allow your soul to comfort, guide, and lead you for you are all here on a journey of knowing, understanding, and growth for the expansion of the Universe. Be at peace. Understand that your path is set before you and revealed one step at a time. Trust that you soul knows what it is doing and you are never off your path. Take comfort in this knowledge.

Trust in the divine timing of your life and allow your spirit to work through you. This is a process of learning and comprehension that takes time and patience. Feel into your heart and you will know this to be true. You are always guided, always helped along the way even though you may feel lost and alone, you are far from it. Be comforted by this knowledge. Be at peace in your heart and know that all is designed to bring you growth through lessons that you are meant to learn while you are here on this earth school.

You chose to be here at this time. It was courageous for you to come. You knew ahead of time that you would meet many challenges that you would have to overcome in order to grow and learn. You may not recognize this now, but realize that everything happening to you has a purpose. It has meaning. It is meant to stretch you in order to help you evolve to your best and highest expression of your soul self. This may be difficult for you to grasp and accept, but it is the reason for your incarnation.

Be comforted. Trust in the fact that your Soul knows. Your guidance is ready to share insights with you if you allow it in. Many are here helping you. Understand this: you are not here alone. We want to help you and guide you on your journey in this lifetime. Take refuge knowing that you are assisted. Nothing is ever out of place. Everything is as it should be. You are being guided and led if you choose to allow yourself to be.

You do however have free will. Knowing your guidance is only a thought away, it would be beneficial for you to check in with your team of guides as they are experts in the struggles you are facing. Allowing their wisdom to help guide and lead you in times of distress. Be comforted. Be at peace. We repeat this often because you need reminding. Ask for help and wisdom from your soul and higher guidance. We will not interfere much unless we are asked to assist you. But we are always willing and ready to guide you on your path and journey. We are continuing to nudge you pulling at your heart strings to let us in and to connect with you. We want to help make it easier for you. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Allow Spirit to move and work through you. There is much work to be done. You are all here for a specific reason. Lift up others. Help each other learn and grow. You (we) are all in this together. Serving the highest good for the growth and expansion of all.

And so it is. Go in peace and love.


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