You are loved ALWAYS at all times by an infinite creator who’s capacity to love is beyond the reaches of the human mind.

Love that knows no boundaries. It is infinite always expanding, always growing. Just like the Universe, there is no end and no beginning-it is all that there is. Love in it’s Divine state (form) is the stuff of miracles. It is the glue of all things-what holds and binds creation together. We are ALL Divine- all Source Energy-therefore we are ALL love. Nothing more, nothing less. At our most basic form we are all love energy!

We come to this lifetime to learn how to love more fully, to be on this planet and to know love as creation. Source extending itself so the creator can BECOME the creation and know and experience unconditional love. There are infinite unending ways to learn HOW to love. What each soul’s purpose to do on this plane of existence is to learn to love one another and all things.

There is GREAT insurmountable joy in that!

Holding Divine love in your heart, recognizing the Divine light in others-brings us all to a place of ONENESS, of connection and of knowing.

It is the highest calling and the greatest challenge as well as the reward at the end of the race. Embrace the miracle. Relish the feelings of joy, peace and gratitude that come from knowing who you are as Source creation and recognizing you are pure love and divinity.

Therefore. . you can do no wrong! You could never be cut off from source (God) as YOU ARE SOURCE! Eternal-immortal-ever evolving as Source is ever evolving. There is no judgement, just opportunities to do better for the benefit and highest good of all beings!

You are WORTHY! You are a precious being of light and greatly greatly loved! We cannot state this enough.

Hold this in your heart. Meditate on it. Breathe into your heart center divine love and grace and then breathe that out to the world. For there are still so many sleeping that need to know who they are. Those who need to wake up and realize that they are deeply truly loved by the creator of worlds!

The ultimate gift is to love oneself and see oneself as Source sees you-to know you are so very much wanted and special. Loved unconditionally forever and ever and ever. Nothing will change that-no deed, no word, nothing! Embrace the feeling that comes with that knowledge. Then share that light with the world.

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