May 7th Tarot Energy Reading

This week as we have entered the 5-5-5 portal new energies are coming in connecting us in Taurus season. This is a collective reading for the energy of the upcoming week.

THE MOON: This week you may find yourself faced with uncertainty and illusion. It can feel like drowning. Trust and know that everything will be OK even if you feel like you have no idea what direction you are headed. Stop struggling and relax. You cannot see all the path before you. It’s OK though. Once you let go of trying so hard you will realize that the path will be revealed one step at a time. The Moon card asks you to go within. Listen to the whispers of your own intuition. If you embrace your inner wisdom, you will be pushed into the light.

AFFIRMATION: I am safe, and I reach new levels of unconscious knowing as I surrender to the will of the universe.

THE HERMIT: It’s time to make space for self-care. If you are feeling disconnected from your spiritual self, take time for solitary withdrawal and this will help you to reconnect. Soul purpose, spiritual awakenings and deep inner wisdom emerge from this energy. Don’t dive so deeply into your stories that you loose sight of who you truly are believing that your wounds are your identity. Remember that our search for healing and truth does not mean that we aren’t already healed and whole. Come out of your inner retreat with new insights and a renewed spirit.

AFFIRMATION: Inner sage, inner mento, inner guide, show me my brightest light so that I may see with all my heart.

THREE OF PENTACLES: Working and collaborating with others gives us a chance to learn from each other and create something new by blending our unique talents and energies. Look for conscious collaborations. Co create for the good of the whole. This card of team work and community calls you to add your essence to the bigger picture. Remember your relationships are the basis of your well-being. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table. welcome people into your heart and open the doors to possibilities that did not exist before.

AFFIRMATION: I step into the vibration of conscious collaboration.


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