Oracle Card Reading for the Week

Learn: Right now you don’t possess all the soul skills you need to resolve your life challenges. it’s time to learn more in order to find answers and move into a higher vibration of personal peace. Thankfully you’re being contacted by a very important range of personal guides, called SPIRIT TEACHERS, whose primary purpose is to inspire you to learn. They will direct you to teachers and classrooms that will help you fulfill your soul’s ambitions. Listen for your spirit teachers today. As they work, relevant information will be placed in front of you in the form of brochures, announcements, or invitations to new classrooms and teachers on the Earth plane.

Your spirit teachers may also work through messengers who spontaneously make recommendations for learning, sometimes for no apparent reason. Your role is to be an open-minded student. Our entire Earthly experience is designated to be a classroom for the soul Ask yourself, “What have I learned lately?” “What am I called to learn next?” and “Am I willing to learn?” Then listen for your spirit teachers to help you answer these questions. they’ll guide you when you’re ready.

Sound Check: the more you pay attention to the energy around you the quicker you activate your clairaudience-the ability to tune into your higher self, angels, and guides. With this awakening, however, comes more responsibility. As a newly developing intuitive being, just as your sensitivity levels are rising to intercept higher soul supporting frequencies, so too is your sensitivity to negative soul-debilitating vibrations. Consequently, excessive exposure to dissonant and noisy vibrations will leave you feeling drained and irritable. Your angels and helper guides are advising you to surround yourself with the most harmonious sounds and vibrations possible, those that communicate love, gentle acceptance, and harmony to keep your energy in balance.

Be especially mindful of what you listen to day by day. Step away from enervating noise the minute you hear it. This means you need to turn off violent TV program, avoid negative talk radio, shun gossip, and refrain from criticism. Be sensitive to your spirit’s need for sweet vibrations. Your spirit is delicate and vulnerable (but not weak) and it thrives best in vibrations of harmony and tranquility. Listen to this message-and it’s good sound!

Seek Solitude: Transitioning from 5 sensory to 6th sensory awareness can be very taxing to your nervous system. After all, you’re beginning to consciously absorb and process a lot more energy and information that you are accustomed to, and you need to build up your psychic muscles to adjust to this higher level of awareness. In the process, however, you can get energetically fatigued. signs of psychic overload are irritability, moodiness, restlessness, and sudden waves of ennui and extreme drowsiness. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, have compassion and understand that your psychic system works hard for you and needs a break from time to time.

Slow down the energetic input. You’re in a growth spurt and must afford yourself regular and frequent periods of solitude as you adjust to higher energy input. 6 sensory people regenerate best when alone, with no one else to command their attention. Spending an hour here and there all by yourself, doing something you enjoy uninterrupted, is one of the most important ways to keep your vibes clear and on track and right with the world. Turn off your cell phone. Make an appointment with yourself, relax in the healing energy of solitude. And do it without guilt. Your spirit needs psychic maintenance.

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