Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) AKA “tapping”

Ever feel challenged by overwhelming emotions that you are having difficulty integrating or releasing? I certainly know I have! Whether it be overwhelm, anxiety, stress or depression EFT can help ease your discomfort in the moment in a relatively short amount of time! It’s a game changer y’all!

I discovered EFT when struggling with some issues around how horrible I felt about myself when I was deeply ingrained in my eating disorder feeling super anxious and depressed. I found that EFT helped soothe my desires to act out on my impulses but also calmed and quieted my negative thoughts in the moment.

It’s super simple to do and works for literally anything from fear and self loathing, to grief or even simple procrastination. The possibilities are endless.

The premise is this: by tapping 5-7 times on certain energetic accupressure points or meridians, you stimulate the body to integrate and release these unwanted emotions while then easing into acceptance and relief.

The Meridian points are as follows:

1-Karate Chop Point: The flesh part of you hand where you would “karate chop” something

2-Top of the head: the crown

3-Beginning of the eyebrow (either one)

4-Side of eye (outside part)

5-Under eye (on the bone in line with the pupil)

6-Under the nose

7-Under the bottom lip on the chin

8-Under the collarbone (just under the collarbone point0

9-Under the arm about 5″ below the armpit

10-Wrist: Pulse point

1. Tune into what is bothering you

Look at what issue you want to tap on. Be aware of any physical symptoms you may be having in regard to your issue such as tension, pain, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, feeling scared, angry or sad. Notice where it is in your body. You may also be aware of your limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that are getting in the way of your overcoming this issue.

2. Assess the intensity

Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst. Remember that in EFT we have to tap on the negative first until the negative issue is down to about 4 or below on the a scale of 1 to 10, before you bring in any positive statements or reframes.

You’ll notice in the script questions such as “What if?” and “Maybe it’s possible?”. Your mind may answer “Nope, not possible” or “Hmm, maybe it is possible”. If your mind is still saying, “Nope it’s not possible” or “I can’t imagine it would ever be possible” etc. Then that is telling you that you need to do more tapping on the negative feeling until the number goes down to a 4 or below.

It doesn’t matter how many rounds you do on the negative, it will eventually go down. Sometimes you will still feel uncomfortable and that may be because another feeling or aspect has come up while the first one went down. That is time to start tapping on that new negative emotion and bring that down and so forth.

3. Beginning

Now tap the Karate Chop Point (KC) while repeating 3 times the setup phrase: “Even though ____________ (the problem), I accept myself deeply and completely.”

4. The Tapping Script/sequence

Decide on a phrase which reminds you of the problem and tap on the sequence of points, repeating the reminder phrase. Below is a sample script for you to use. It includes 5 rounds of tapping.


Please be aware if you have big T -Trauma, it is possible the tapping can open up very deep feelings that you may have buried in your subconscious when you experienced the trauma. If this happens to you, please find a skilled practitioner or a therapist experienced in trauma to help you heal from this. Also remember to tap any scary feelings down, use the statements: I am fine, everything is going to be okay, I am here in this room and my feet are planted firmly on the ground. Open your eyes if you have them closed and take deep full breaths as you tap. Look around the room observing all you see around you. (Ferguson, Gail “Finally Free” Reach your Full Potential, https://reachyourfullpotentialnyc.com/anxiety-tapping-script-2/)



Karate Chop Point: Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I choose to relax and let go right now.
Karate Chop Point: Even though I have all this stress in my life right now and I’m struggling to cope, I choose to allow myself to let go of all this tension in my mind and body right now, feeling clearer and calmer and safer.
Karate Chop Point: Even though I have so much going on right now and I feel so overwhelmed and stressed I choose to do what’s best for my health, and I let go of this tension knowing that I can handle whatever comes my way.

Eyebrow: I feel so stressed right now

Side of Eye: I feel so overwhelmed

Under Eye: There is so much tension in my body

Under Nose: I have so much tension in my muscles from all this stress

Chin: I’m struggling to cope with all this stress

Collarbone: I have so much going on right now and I don’t know if I can handle it

Underarm: So much stress

Top of head: All this stress and tension in my body

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: I feel so overwhelmed by my life

Side of Eye: I feel so overwhelmed by everything that’s been going on around me

Under Eye: That I’m struggling to relax and let go

Under Nose: I don’t know if I can relax and let go when I’ve got so much to get done

Chin: But this stress is weighing me down

Collarbone: I feel stressed throughout the entire day

Underarm: I never seem to get a break from this stress

Top of head: This stress feels constant and never ending

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: I feel so overwhelmed right now by all this stress

Side of Eye: Sometimes I know what this stress is about

Under Eye: And other times, I don’t

Under Nose: This stress is taking over my life

Chin: Sometimes I can’t sleep because of all this stress

Collarbone: Sometimes this stress keeps me up at night

Underarm: And I’m realising more and more that I’m struggling to let go of all this tension in my mind and body

Top of head: And even though it seems impossible to do, I choose to release this stress right now

Wrist: Peace


Eyebrow: Right now I choose to acknowledge that I’ve been holding onto a lot of stress

Side of Eye: I’ve been holding onto a lot of tension in my body

Under Eye: My mind has been so overwhelmed

Under Nose: And I also choose to acknowledge that this is taking it’s toll on me

Chin: So right now, I choose to relax and let go of all this tension

Collarbone: I let go of all tension in my mind and body

Underarm: I relax the muscles in my body and this feels safe

Top of head: It is safe and easy for me to relax and let go of all tension, stress and overwhelm right now

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: It can seem really hard to relax when there is so much stress around me

Side of Eye: But I choose to realise that this stress isn’t helping me, only making me feel tired and worn out

Under Eye: I’m so exhausted from all this stress

Under Nose: And I know it’s in my best interest to release this, even though that might seem hard

Chin: I choose to do it anyway

Collarbone: I choose to know that I can accomplish all that I need in a calm and relaxed state

Underarm: Stress doesn’t have to define me

Top of head: Stress doesn’t have to control my life any more, I can achieve my goals while feeling calm and relaxed

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: For a long time now stress has been running my life

Side of Eye: Stress has been part of my every day

Under Eye: And right now, I choose to change that

Under Nose: I choose to release and let go of the pattern of stress in my life

Chin: Whenever change happens, I can choose to react in a way that is positive and responsible, without feeling stressed

Collarbone: There is always going to be changes in my life, and I choose to make them easy to adjust to

Underarm: I can handle any situation that may come my way in a peaceful and relaxed way

Top of head: I am capable and able of handling stress

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: Right now, I let go of all resistance to letting go of stress

Side of Eye: I clear out stress from my mind and body

Under Eye: I allow myself to relax more and more while still achieving everything that I need to get done

Under Nose: I move through life with ease and grace

Chin: I can handle any situation that comes my way

Collarbone: I am capable and able

Underarm: I can still work hard and achieve my goals while feeling relaxed and calm

Top of head: And I start to notice more and more, that as I am more relaxed, the easier it is for me to move through life without stress

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: I choose to feel calm and relaxed right now

Side of Eye: I let go of all tension in my shoulder, neck and back

Under Eye: I clear out all tension in my body

Under Nose: Allowing myself to relax more and more

Chin: Feeling safe and calm

Collarbone: It is safe for me to relax

Underarm: It is safe for me to let go

Top of head: It is safe for me to be at peace

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: I choose to confidently walk through life

Side of Eye: I am confident that I can handle any situation that comes my way

Under Eye: And I am so glad to realise that as I handle more situations with a relaxed and peaceful manner

Under Nose: The more easy my life gets

Chin: The more I get done on time

Collarbone: The more I enjoy my life and the work I do

Underarm: Things that would once stress me out, now no longer have that impact on me

Top of head: I am confident, calm and relaxed

Wrist: Peace


Eyebrow: I choose to enjoy my life more and more

Side of Eye: I see the good within me, and around me

Under Eye: Life is working with me, and for me

Under Nose: I am supported by life

Chin: I support myself through changes

Collarbone: I loving move through my day with ease and grace

Underarm: I accomplish everything I need to in the perfect amount of time

Top of head: I am a capable and able person. I achieve everything I need to in a way that works for me

Wrist: Peace

Eyebrow: Feeling so calm and relaxed now

Side of Eye: Letting go of all that no longer serves me

Under Eye: Letting go is easy and safe for me, and I enjoy doing it

Under Nose: I take a deep breath right now

Chin: And acknowledge that this Tapping has helped me feel more calm and relaxed

Collarbone: And I know I can return to this Tapping meditation any time I need to

Underarm: Tapping works for me

Top of head: And if I feel like stress is creeping back into my life, I choose to tap on it, clear it, and allow myself to relax

Wrist: Peace


There are so many possibilities for using this technique to not only release and integrate emotion but also to bring in what it is you desire. Take some time to get comfortable with the meridian points then try writing your own scripts for things like releasing money blocks, manifesting your desires, weight loss, the sky is the limit!

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