Regarding Fear and Worry

Yes we are here. Good Morning to you on this day of your time. We know that you have many burdens on your heart. There is worry, doubt and fear. Please do not succumb to these lower level emotions. Know that you are lifted and guided. Know that you are loved and embraced and fully supported. Feel this in your heart, feel this in your energy body. Know that you are alive and well; that we are here helping you every moment of every day. All is well. Your path is being illuminated as we speak. Trust that you have all that you need, that all is provided. Even when you cannot see it. Know this to be true. You are taken care of. As you move and do this lightwork, know that step by step it will be revealed as it is needed. Trust your guidance. Trust your heart. Trust your soul and higher self. Trust in Source. Know that your hand is held and you are being pulled in the proper direction. This is as it should be, as it always has been. We know you have fear, anxiety and worry. Do you best to transmute these emotions with love, joy , peace and understanding. Feel them in your body. Lift your vibration. Embrace hope knowing that all is well and that we are with you. It’s going to be OK. You will have what you need at the right moment in divine timing. Everything is working for you best and highest good. Do not fear, embrace love and trust, and joy, and peace. Feel these in your heart. For this is what will best serve you in this moment. Knowing that you are cared for beyond measure, beyond even your wildest dreams. You have no idea how many of us are fully supporting you. More than you could even count. You are safe, you are protected. You are loved and you are lifted. Be at peace. All is well. We are complete.

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