Message for the Collective

We are here. Blessings to you on this day. We are grateful for this transmission. We are willing to help you. To lift you up, motivate and inspire you to do the good work that is needed on raising the consciousness of this planet. Your desire may feel like a little seed right now, but it will grow in time. Keep your head lifted, feel joy in your heart and know that you are guided in all things. Your life is but a mere blink of an eye and you have had many lifetimes before and many more to come. Be present. Do the work that is needed. Work hard now and this will pay off in your future. Remember that abundance is all around you and but just a thought away. You can help others, you can lift them up. Help them raise their vibration. Help them know Spirit. Help them know themselves, for this is truly transformational and what so many are needing at this time on this planet. We trust you with this message. We know you have the best intentions at heart. Tune to your Higher Self. Tune into your guidance, your Angels and Ascended Masters. Know that we are all working behind the scenes to help you in the best and easiest way to get the message and word out to those who so desperately need it. Have no fear. All is well. this is planned. You have been preparing this for lifetimes. Go forth in the world. Proclaim this message of love and light, beauty and peace, understanding, compassion, knowing yourself, lifting up others. This is truly a gift to the world. And know that you can be part of it. Keep clear of harmful things to your energy body. Remain pure in spirit. Eating healthy foods, getting exercise, proper rest, nutrition, nourish your soul. All of these will be key moving forward into the future. We are present with you always. Do not fear. Go in peace. All is well. We are complete.

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