There is No Separation

Good Morning to you on this day of your time. We are here with a message for you, to uplift and inspire, and to help you grow in your moment of need. We realize that you feel that you are struggling. Know that this is OK. Be at peace in your heart. Know that all is well. Know that we are present and aiding you in your endeavors at all times. Be lifted. Be joyful. Be grateful. Know that all is as it should be. Be patient. Have faith. Trust and know that the Universe is conspiring to help you in all things in all ways for your soul fulfillment for your highest good, and the highest good of all the lives you are touching. Be at peace, trust your heart, trust your soul. Know that your purpose and mission is being revealed one step at a time. Know this and be at peace. Do not fear. Do not worry. You are not doing anything wrong, everything is fine. Everything is OK. Settle in your heart and trust, have faith. Believe and know that what you desire is already waiting for you. It has already been orchestrated. Each step, each move on your path is set before you. Illuminated. For your journey is one step at a time. Know this and release the struggle. Be at peace in your heart knowing that you are on the right path. And all that is meant to be is coming to you, even at this very moment. Remember to allow. The energy of abundance is all around you. Allow it to flow in and through you in all things at all times. Do not be discouraged. Do not be wrapped up in lack and scarcity, for this is non-existent. It is merely a state in your mind. There is no lack. There is no separation. There is only wholeness and peace and abundance and grace and joy. Live on purpose. Live to the highest vibrational version of yourself. Be embraced by your spirit, by your soul and your guidance. Knowing deep in your heart that all is as it should be. And all is well. Do this and find peace and security knowing there is no separation. Feel this in your heart. All is well. We are complete. Go in peace. And so it is.

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