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I teach men, women, and couples how to have rockin' relationships

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I help men, women and couples who struggle with chronic "not enough-ness" reclaim their worth, tap into their intuitive awareness, and show up as their best and highest selves in relationships. Through learning better communication, trust, and by living in soul alignment; healing can take place in our partnerships when we show up authentically. For those who have yet to find their "ONE', I help you do the healing work needed in order to attract your soulmate relationship.

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hi, I'm tonya

you feel like you need to be in a romantic partnership in order to feel like you are loved

at your core you don't have any idea who you truly are because you're always trying to please everyone else



you struggle with "comparisonitis" and feel hopelessly trapped on the "I'm not enough" merry-go-round

you are always "changing" yourself to meet the needs of the person you are in a relationship with at the moment



check and see if any of these apply to you...

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We all are born with intuition! And our intuition GREATLY impacts our ability to have amazing healthy relationships not only with our partners but with ourselves! Unfortunately, most of us have learned to "tune it out" over the years. The good news however, is that ANYONE can learn to tap into this valuable resource again! Grab my guide and start accessing your intuitive guidance today!

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