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What holds most people back from meeting the love of their life? They don't realize that relationships mirror back their own subconscious beliefs!! If you consistently are attracting the wrong kind of people, the problem resides with you sweet friend! Want to learn why? Grab my free workbook "The soulmate blueprint" and start co-creating your one of a kind love story!

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I teach women how to break free from the endless cycle of painful relationships and tap into their intuitive awareness, so they can embrace their authenticity, and show up as their best and highest selves and attract that soulmate relationship they are longing for! Through healing your subconscious beliefs and learning to live in alignment with your inner wisdom, you not only are able to manifest your ideal partner, but you'll have a blueprint for how to consciously create the life you truly desire! For those who are already partnered, I help you develop deeper soul-level intimacy through enhanced intuition, improved communication, and a deepening of trust and understanding.

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you feel like you need to be in a romantic partnership in order to feel that you are loved

You perpetually find yourself attracting relationships with people who are emotionally unavailable, unfaithful, gas light you etc. etc.



you struggle with "comparisonitis" and feel hopelessly trapped on the "I'm not enough" merry-go-round

you are always "changing" yourself to meet the needs of the person you are in a relationship with at the moment



check and see if any of these apply to you...

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In my experience, insecurity and unworthiness are some the biggest problems preventing people from finding their 'ONE'. What most people don't realize, is that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working. Thoughts literally become things. Chances are you can't seem to find that soulmate connection because of the way you TRULY feel and think about yourself. Just check in with your inner critic for a second and you'll see what I mean! Then go grab my free workbook and start implementing the practices to co-create your one of a kind love story!

Let's face it. We ALL have beliefs holding us back whether they are from childhood or previous crappy relationships.

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